Y el ganador de los Euroblogs Awards es...

Netzpolitik, escrito en alemán

Y los blogs que llegaron a la final son:


1. Basque: http://ikteroak.blogsome.com
Blog by teachers from a children’s school with teaching material

2. English: http://www.thedailyspud.com
A blog about food and drinks

3. French: http://fr.techcrunch.com
Its name says it all: Web 2.0 and Startups

4. German: http://netzpolitik.org
Political platform for freedom and openness in the digital age

5. Italian: http://www.catepol.net
A multitasking girl in a multitasking world: web 2.0, e-learning, twitter, technology…

6. Polish: http://antyweb.pl
Basically Polish Techcrunch

7. Portuguese: http://educar.wordpress.com
Open texts and memories on the pretext of Education

8. Russian: http://exler.livejournal.com
For Russian geeks

9. Spanish: http://www.marcvidal.cat/espanol
For people interested in the crisis and the economic context

10. Turkish: http://vintagebiscuit.blogspot.com
A blog for lovers of vintage clothing and fashion

11. Ukrainian: http://blogs.pravda.com.ua/authors/medvedev
Blog by famous political strategist Oleg Medvedev in the Ukrainian Pravda



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