Hello Africa

ICT4D.at estrena el documental experimental Hola Africa

La película presenta el potencial de las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación, e identifica y llamar la atención sobre la brecha digital existente entre los países económicamente desarrollados y los países menos desarrollados. Fuente: Comunidad de la Arroba.


Hello Africa is the title of a documentary that illustrates cellphone culture in Africa. It shows images of contemporary Africa with focus on people’s lifestyles, popular culture, habits, activities and opinions in the context of mobile technology usage. The movie portraits individuals from all society: teachers, athletes, vendors, watchmen, musicians and many more. They all have in common that they are connected and have unique stories to tell. Contrasts, strong visuals and a cool soundtrack presents this theme and, in a broader sense, aims to raise the awareness of the ICT4D movement.



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